With torque motors as a direct drive for your Eirich Mixer, you will achieve a new level of energy efficiency. More than 170 mixers used in industries other than foundries confirm this.

You too can benefit from synchronous motors.
Energy savings of up to 25 percent are a realistic prospect. Take a good look and find out for yourself. Among the exhibits on display at GIFA 2019 will be a Mixer R28 with torque motors, which will soon go into operation in a foundry.

Torque motors are synchronous motors that are similar in design to asynchronous motors. The main difference is the rotor. It is equipped with permanent magnets. With their high torque and very high efficiency even in partial load ranges, torque motors are particularly well suited as direct drives for mixing tools.

Less maintenance, reduced noise and vibrations, and significant energy savings - in the foundry industry probably up to 25 percent - are advantages that win customers over.

Even upgrading from asynchronous motors to torque motors is possible without a problem. The retrofitting, including the converter technology, takes about a weekend. The result is a practically maintenance-free motor.